Sunday, March 11, 2012

Impatience and Scars

Impatience rarely lead to any good end and I have a few scars to prove that. The most stupid scar I've given myself is on my right thigh. It was hot summer day in the early 70's. My mom was mowing and I wanted a pair of blue jeans cut off for shorts. I went outide to ask her to cut them and she said she would when she finished mowing.
Well, that wasn't good enough for me! I went inside, put on the jeans and proceeded to cut the off the legs. Oh, the widsom of a preteen. Yep, you guessed it, cut a chunk out of my thigh. But that wasn't the worst of it. I then had to go tell my mom, that I had cut my leg!
So off to the doctor we went. No stitches, but a lovely eye-shaped scar that is still here almost 40 years later.

Dirt and Locusts

This past week some friends and I were discussing weird things children do and I was reminded of my dirt eating days. Before you get the wrong picture in your head, let me explain, I wasn't eating handfuls. Since we lived in the country everyone had dusty taillights. Soooooo, when people would come to visit, I would "clean" their tail lights, one little finger swipe at time. I didn't branch out to headlights or mud pies and thankfully, my dirt diet didn't last very long! Especially after my Daddy explain that "nice girls don't eat dirt!" HA
Living in the Mississippi Delta afford a great opportunity to hear cicadas and to collect their shells. It was always so cool to find those tiny little shells attached to anything and everything. My sister and I would fill up coffee cans with those little shells. Don't know why we thought that was so intriguing. One of our collection expeditions led to a tetanus shot for me.
We had this shed in our backyard by a cottonwood tree. It was a great place to collect those shells. As we are happily removing shells from the shed and the tree, I managed to step on a board with a protruding nail. It pierce my foot, through my tennis shoe right between my first two toes on my right foot. I was so blessed it didn't crack a bone or ruin a tendon. Just another Mississippi Sweet Tea Memory