Friday, December 23, 2011

The Ghosts of Christmases Past

There is something about middle-age that causes us to reflect. The past few weeks I've been remembering past Christmases.
Except for the silver tinsel tree years, we always had a live tree.

I never knew there were artificial trees until I was an adult! Now having a live tree, didn't mean we always bought one. Oh no,  we went tree requisitioning. Many a tree found their way to our little house, from the side of the road, fence row, backside of a lonely was an adventure!
We also had the obligatory silver star tree topper. What a thing of beauty!

Of the 20 Christmases spent in Mississippi, here are a few of the gifts I remember most:
  1. Barbie dream house and white Go-Go boots (the same year!) SCORE
  2. Banana seat bike
  3. Cameo ring from my dad - still have it. Wore it on my wedding finder until I became engaged.
  4. Sherlock Holmes style wool coat and fedora. (Don't ask, it was the 70's)
We also have crocheted stockings for a few years. Products of Mama learning to crochet. Do you have any idea how long a crocheted stocking will stretch with an orange in the toe??!

There were several years when Daddy would disappear for a few hours. When I was older I discovered that he was NOT helping Santa as I thought but was secretly delivering fruit baskets to several of the area widows.

Reflection on these years helps to keep me focused on CHRISTmas! They were simple, but filled with love!

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