Sunday, July 6, 2014


Summertime and Fishing! Oh what wonderful, stinky memories. Not only did we have trot-lines, we had boxes!

Since my daddy had no sons, we 2 daughters had to step up and get down and dirty. And we loved it. Never was there so sweet a time as being "one of the boys" on the river with daddy.
Now trot-lines are fairly common fishing tools, but we also has a secret weapon, which I have since come to learn was not exactly legal.
A baited box. In this you would place "stinky cheese". AND I DO MEAN STINKY. 
Since catfish are bottom feeders, the grosser the bait the better. Load this baby up, drop her in the water, anchor her down and come back in a day or two. 

There would be so many fish jammed in that box, my daddy would clean fish for hours. But all that cleaning lead to catfish in the freezer and fish frys!!
There is nothing better in the summer than a fresh fish fry with hushpuppies, french fries, coleslaw, fresh corn on the cobb and homeade ice cream!

That right there is a precious "Mississippi Sweet Tea Memory!"

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