Friday, August 26, 2011


I really don't remember too much until my sister was born in March 1968. I was almost 6, asthmatic, extremely precocious and terribly skinny. Rumors have it that I had quite the potty mouth, what with my parents rebelling from being dragged to church their entire lives and a daddy that was a sailor. Thankfully I grew out of the "pottiness". Don't think  I outgrew the "mouthiness" though.
Anyway, there are bits and pieces that hang on in my head. I remember our little white 2 bedroom house in Greenwood. I remember walking to the park. I remember moving into the house in Phillip. I have a vague recollection of being in Big Mama's pantry hiding. Although I'm not sure from whom. I remember staying with my older cousins and their maid Cora Mae for Big Mama's funeral. My, did I love Miss Cora. Cora Mae was itty bitty, dipped snuff and I loved her dearly. I only got to see her a when I was at my cousins. I thought she was the best thing in the whole world.
I remember my daddy's baby blue 1964½ Mustang.

According to a lot of my family and friends it was also known to strike fear into their hearts when seen approaching their houses. The rally cry was unleashed: "OH NO, HERE COMES VICKIE LYNN!" To which I'm told there was much scurring about for places to hide. I, of course, have NO memories of these incidents. If I did, I'm sure I would be much more unbalanced than I am now.
They kept that car for a very long time, until after my sister was born for sure. My mama spun out on a gravel road and took it in and out of a barbed wire fence. She was headed to my aunt's house to do laundry. She would have been in her early 20s and I'm sure she was speeding on the gravel road. As you will see later, my mother had an affinity for very unique car accidents.
I remember that it snowed the day my sister was born which was the first day of spring. I remember bringing her home from the hospital. I sat in backseat of my grandparent's car with my grandpa while he held my little sister. She had a TON of hair. He held her on his legs and talked and talked to her. I was snuggled up as close as I could get to him. Not a seat belt in sight for the entire 18 mile ride from the hospital!

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